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Welcome to the Yankee Rowing Club!

The Yankee Rowing Club is a private, non-profit rowing club, founded in 1987 and located on the Connecticut River at the Sportman’s Marina in Hadley, Massachusetts. The club provides unlimited river access to qualified rowers and provides a point of introduction to the sport for the novice rower.

The club offers recreational singles, racing singles and doubles for use by club members. Boat storage is available for privately owned boats.

Our members range in age from teenage to retiree, with skill levels from novice to Olympic caliber. The reasons people join the club are as varied as the membership. Some are training for competition at various levels, while others row as a way to stay fit and enjoy the beauty of the river. Our goal is to promote all facets of rowing.

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Yankee Rowing Club
P.O. Box 3128
Amherst MA 01004

(413) 586-2724